“We the people”, a group of residents, have formed the Englewood Fiscal Accountability Starts Today (“F.A.S.T”) Coalition, the objectives of which are:

  • research and analyze Englewood’s budgets in detail, both in absolute and relative terms;
  • educate Englewood residents about the town’s financial facts through a website, mailings, and fliers, as well as articles and interviews in local media;
  • provide talking points to Englewood residents at City Council and Board of Education meetings, to pressure elected officials to heed the voice of the people;
  • meet with the Mayor, City Manager, City Council and Board of Education elected officials to question and productively influence budget decisions;
  • seek to introduce transparency in spending by initiatives such as publicizing City employees salaries and benefits, as well as putting the City checkbook on line, for all to see;
  • support fiscally responsible candidates for the City Council and Board of Education while remaining concerned about the quality of social services and quality of life in Englewood.

Englewood was once a gem but left to reckless spending, it has lost its luster.  We must protect our City, our home values and our quality of life. The time to act is now